Flow.ai offers a platform to create and manage conversational AI. This start-up is a spin off that uses results from research carried out at Tilburg University in the areas of conversational AI and Natural Language Generation. The Flow.ai platform allows for easy and quick implementation of chatbots. The hosting of the machine learning models, the fulfilment of messaging and the deployment to various channels is all taken care of by Flow.ai. The platform also allows users to easily integrate custom solutions. This allows researchers to quickly iterate and test various chatbot technologies and conversational strategies with little downtime. The company was part of the prestigious Techstars Toronto Accelerator program in 2018, with acceptance rates between 1-2%. Flow.ai chatbot solutions are being used in industry globally by companies like Nintendo, Samsung, MediaMarkt, Philips and British Airways. Each month, millions of messages are processed by Flow.ai algorithms. Collaborating with Flow.ai will allow researchers to take advantage of this ecosystem.

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